Auto-Authorization Alerts

If you are wondering whether Health Net Federal Services, LLC (Health Net) has processed a referral or prior authorization request, let us call you. We encourage you to sign up for auto-authorization alerts.

Auto-authorization alerts are automated phone calls notifying you Health Net has processed a referral or prior authorization request.

Signing Up

You may sign up for this feature after registering on our website. Once registered, go to My Account and then Edit Website Settings. You may choose to turn on or off auto-authorization alerts.

How It Works

After Health Net has processed your referral or prior authorization request, an automated phone call is made to the telephone number listed on the referral or authorization request submitted by the provider. 

The purpose of the phone call is to let you know the request has been completed, but will not include any status information.

Referral and Prior Authorization Status

You may check the status of your request, whether it was approved or denied, on If you do not have a username and password, you can register for one through its website. Registration on is separate from registration. Visit our Checking the Status page to learn more about how to register on as well as processing timelines and notifications.